Is your spelling losing you business?

There’s an oft quoted saying ‘You never get a second chance to make a good first impression’ and it’s absolutely true. Why is it then that so many businesses don’t check the spellings on their websites or advertisements?

I’m beginning to wonder if graphic designers live in a parallel universe. I’ve seen so many of them offering stationary design services that I’ve run for my dictionary to see if I’ve got it wrong. No, I’m right! Stationary is standing still whereas stationery is what I might have printed with my business details. To me this is vitally important. I want a graphic designer, printer or signwriter who will pick up my spelling mistakes and whose own spelling is absolutely reliable. I don’t want to find the mistake when I collect my expensive finished print job. So if a graphic designer advertises stationary design it doesn’t matter to me how good their design skills are I’m going to look for one who can spell.
I blame the spell checkers! We’ve all come to rely on them so heavily but they aren’t infallible. The English language is too subtle. The spell checker can’t cope with there, their and they’re or complementary and complimentary or stationery and stationary, it needs a human being with brain engaged. Don’t let your spelling lose you business. Check, double check and, if in doubt ask a good spelling friend or associate to check for you. If all else fails you could even look in the dictionary!
I’m not claiming to be the world’s best speller but I’ll give your webpage or advertisement the once over if you email:



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