What a week!

I’ve had a really strange week, all dominated by the weather. As usual I started the week with a diary full of commitments, mainly training sessions to be delivered and a load of other tasks to be fitted in as and when. Then the snow arrived and London ground to a halt. Suddenly I had two days of uncommitted time as three training sessions were cancelled. Bliss.

The hours I needed to mark some really time consuming assignments appeared before me. I could have gone out into the snow with the kids but the opportunity to cross a big job off the to do list was too big to miss. The assignments were tedious and most of the writers had completely missed the point so sadly there’ll be some remarking to do in a few weeks time. However by sticking to the task and keeping my focus I got a really big job out of the way and, at the same time, relieved a huge amount of pressure. I only wish I could be as focussed all the time.

Today was supposed to be my business development day and I started the day with a plan and a number of tasks to be achieved to my deadlines. I made a reasonable start but then my daughter called to say she was coming home from school sick. Instead of taking my lunch listening to the self development CD as planned I sat with Pippa watching the TV… then a film came on… then it was time for my son to come home… then supper time… You’ve got the picture! Now it’s turned midnight and most of the jobs that were on my list are still there and I’m feeling frustrated.

I’m not saying it was wrong to spend time with my sick child but she probably didn’t need my company all afternoon.  Once I’d lost my focus I found it impossible to get it back. I know that I would have achieved more if other people would have suffered if I hadn’t got my jobs done. Why is it so difficult to treat commitments to ourselves in the same way as we treat those made to others?

I know that I meet my deadlines when I’ve made a commitment to other people; if you need our help to meet your deadlines please email glenda@thetrainingpack.co.uk

I hope you can make great use of any uncommitted time that suddenly lands in your diary.


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