But what do you do?

This week’s blog follows quite neatly from last week’s in that I’ve found myself with time to muse whilst stuck in traffic.

Driving to see a client recently I found myself queuing at lights behind a white van with a difference. On the back of the van was the business name and a ‘phone number. OK nothing new there. There was also a ‘call out’ with a message telling me to make a note of their number when  convenient because ‘You never know when you will need us’.

Now it’s not easy to make a note of a number when driving and the business name didn’t lodge itself in my brain, but it was ‘something online’. Presumably the online in the name means they have a website and I might have found it easier to remember the web address than a ‘phone number, but why would I want to?

If you want someone to take an interest in your business you have to give them a good reason. This van gave no clue as to the nature of the business. So what problem would I want to solve by calling them? Without this information why should I want to make a note of their number?

A business vehicle can be a great marketing opportunity, it is highly visible and mobile and can reach a captive audience in a traffic jam so it’s important to think what you want to communicate. It needs to be short, punchy and explain what you do for your target customer and as with any marketing the more you can make the message ‘stick’ on sight the better.

This van applied two parts of the AIDA principle in that it got my ‘Attention’ and asked me to take ‘Action’ but without the ‘Interest’ and ‘Desire’ the message falls apart. When you are marketing your business in any form make sure that you have applied the AIDA principle in a way which ‘speaks’ to your target customer and if you would like to know how to do that give Glenda a call on +44 (0)20 8991 2767 or email glenda@thetrainingpack.co.uk

Have you seen any good messages on the sides of vans or trucks recently? Or have you seen a driver destroying a company’s reputation through aggressive or dangerous driving, like the driver of a smart van which proclaimed ‘Rok: the nation’s local builder’ who certainly won’t be getting an enquiry from me after his aggressive queue jumping this evening? Let us know by clicking on the comment button.


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