You made my day!

I often draw on my experiences out and about as examples for training and for a topic on this blog or in a newsletter. Most of the examples are ‘how not to do it’ stories so I want to redress the balance with a couple of good examples.

If you’ve ever tried to buy clothes, especially trousers, for a 14 year old boy you will probably empathise with my predicament. My son has been looking like nobody loves him as he’s worn threadbare cords for weeks. With a family celebration to go to I just had to find him something smarter. I spent a frustrating afternoon wandering into all the kid’s and men’s shops in Ealing trying to find a pair of 28 waist, short length, cords or smart jeans and was on the point of giving up when a young lady in Next approached offering help.

After a quick computer check of available stock she offered to go ‘for a root in the stockroom’ to see what she could find. Five minutes later she came down with three or four pairs of trousers and jeans. She was pleasant and personable and I willingly parted with £40 with the reassurance that I could have my money back if they didn’t fit or if Andrew didn’t like them. So thank you Laura for going the extra mile and making my day. Oh, and the trousers look great and he does like them.

A couple of days later I popped into Morrisons in Acton where I had another great experience with a cashier who couldn’t have been more helpful or smiled more broadly. Unfortunately I didn’t get her name but she made my shopping a pleasure, a rare thing in the supermarket. She also proved that if you smile and go out of your way to be helpful customers will become much more pleasant back. Surely that’s what we should all be aiming for?

I’m really pleased to have two very positive experiences to share the next time I run customer service training. If you would like to know when that will be give Glenda a call on +44 (0)20 8991 2767.


One thought on “You made my day!

  1. I always tweet about my positive experiences and they nearly always get retweeted so not only has that person made you happy, you have made their day by mentioning them on a tweet, the company they work for have had some free advertising and some feelgood factor has been shared for many others to see so the positive message and all this has cost nothing

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