Can do!

Following on from the theme of the last post I wanted to thank a few people for their ‘can do’ attitudes.

You may have seen the page about our new business dinner club; well having spent a month on jury service the lead time to this event was quite short and I’m very grateful for help from a number of quarters.

Firstly Rosanna Henderson of Conker Consulting who researched venues, negotiated menus and prices and has liaised with the selected venue. Rosanna has been honest in her views, highly supportive and is doing a great job promoting the event to her contacts. Rosanna is the woman to go to when you want to get something done. (

Tushar Joshi of Turtle Networks  ( who supply us with their Intrabench business management system has been fantastic. I’m still learning how to use the system as a marketing tool and Tushar has been very patient helping me to understand it. He’s also spotted areas where I could improve the look, feel and efficiency of the stuff I’m sending out. He was really quick to fix a glitch in the system which meant some people got a strange response when they first clicked on the booking form link. He also worked fast and late to upload our new website corporate identity into the system so thanks Tushar.

Tushar couldn’t have loaded the new look into the system if Joe Shaffery of Shaffery Designs ( hadn’t dropped everything to produce the template and then to adjust it to work in all browsers. Joe and his associate Matt Young have been brilliant working on the development of our new website. They’ve been flexible and asked great questions but I particularly value their patience and willingness to teach my 14 year old son about web design and development. The fact that the new website is not yet up and running is my fault not theirs. They are waiting for me to finish writing it and I’m busy developing sites for clients, running training courses and generally helping clients expand their businesses or start one up. However it won’t be long now before we are properly back online.

Finally Pascal at the New Inn couldn’t have been more helpful. I’m sure we’ll have a great dinner there on Monday.



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