How to waste money on advertising!

There are any number of ways to waste money on advertising. Placing the ad in the wrong publication at the wrong time for the wrong audience amongst them. Then there are all the mistakes you can make with the advertisement itself.

Here’s one that appeared in our local paper this week:


Where are you?

This advert works quite hard to sell the delights of Fogo to me and offers me a free glass of Sangria as an inducement to visit. But where is this great dining experience? OK there’s a ‘phone number and a website but I’m not even interested in those if the restaurant isn’t in a convenient location.

Checking how people will respond to your advertisement is vital. The only real point in advertising is to get your target customers to take action. This advert goes part way by inviting us to bring the voucher to claim our Sangria. This will allow them to measure the success of the advertisement. It’s just a shame that I don’t know where to take my voucher. What a waste of the several hundred pounds this ad cost.

If you want to avoid wasting money on your advertising why not come to our seminar on February 2nd? The Training Pack is combining experience with the Publishing Doctor to show small businesses how to make the most effective use of their advertising spend. The session will take place in Neasden, London. We’re finalsing the details at the moment so email to be put on the mailing list.


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