A seasonal advertising faux pas!

I’ve got my daughter at it now! Here’s an advertisement she spotted.

I knew Santa was generous but is he really giving away kids?

Sometimes the desire to get over a message succinctly leads to something ridiculous. Do you think this advertisement was properly checked before it went to press? Sometimes we can get too close to something and fail to spot the obvious. What’s more worrying is that the advertiser may not have realised there was anything wrong with advertising ‘free kids’.

What’s with the asterisk after the kids? It probably means conditions apply but where is that stated?

I’m not sure about the ‘real’ Santa either. I wonder if that complies with the advertising standards code?

It’s really important to check any advertising to make sure that it says what you intend it to say, legally. Sometimes it can be helpful to consult someone outside the organisation who can look at an advertisement dispassionately. If you would like us to give your advertisement the once over email your draft to glenda.shawley@thetrainingpack.co.uk for some feedback. No charge.

If you want to make sure you avoid some of the typical mistakes businesses make with their advertising you should be coming to our workshop on February 2nd in Neasden, North London. It costs £97 + VAT if you book by January 25th, or £140 + VAT if you leave it to the last minute.


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