What can you do for me?

What are you telling your prospects? Are you like so many when marketing your small business starting with your name or how long you’ve been in business? Why would that matter to me if I wasn’t interested in how you could help me?

I just received an email with a list of consultants who match the skills I sometimes look for. The email contains a very short introduction to each consultant which is taken from their longer profile which appears on the relevant website. There are 67 names on the list this week. At least eight of them give the year the consultancy was established or how many years they have been in business. Others list their services or talk about their backgrounds. Not one tells me what they can do for me! That’s right, not one. How easy would it be to stand out from the list of 67 competitors?

What’s particularly worrying is that several of these are communications consultants! Now there may be an excuse that the copy was written for a longer profile but the introductions are lifted from the opening sentence of the profile. This means that the consultants think that the most important introduction is how long they have been in business and what they do. It isn’t! What I, and any other prospects want to know is what you can do for me. What problems can you solve for me? How can you help my business? What solutions do you provide?

Whether you are marketing your business in print, on the web or in person the most important question to answer is ‘What’s in it for me?’ If you still have the prospect’s interest when you have answered that question then they may want to know a little more about you. So your challenge for this week is to sum up, in one sentence, what you do for your customers and then email it to glenda.shawley@thetrainingpack.co.uk or use the comment feature here. If you need some help, just get in touch via the email or by ringing Glenda Shawley on +44 20 8991 2767 (9.00-9.00 Greenwich meantime please).


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