Are you missing an opportunity?

I’ve just been analysing the unsubscribers to our mailings to see what lessons I could draw. I am pleased to say that the churn rate is very low but the analysis made interesting reading. Clearly I’m in danger of missing out on a few opportunities but so were some of the unsubscribers.

I am still a bit of a novice with our CRM package and haven’t yet worked out how to segment the mailing list. This means a few people have unsubscribed because they’ve received mail that is of no direct relevance to them. I’ve therefore lost the opportunity to mail them on topics which might be of interest in the future.

I know that most of us receive tons of spam and need to manage our incoming emails. I absolutely respect a person’s right to unsubscribe to emailing lists. However there are a couple of unsubscribers who I think have made a mistake.

One is a supplier with whom I have spent several hundred pounds and to whom I have referred other people.  His is a highly competitive industry and one in which I have a number of other contacts. It might sound like sour grapes but I now feel that he is not interested in me or my business and so, in future, I will refer my contacts to his competitors who remain willing to maintain a relationship with me. This won’t have a catastrophic affect on his business or mine but even the loss of a few hundred pounds a year seems to me to be lost opportunities.

The other is a lady I met quite recently at a networking event. Hers is a relatively new business and I understand she is doing quite well. I’m delighted for her. However I think she has missed a trick. I think there was potential for her to get some business out of me in the future but I don’t think she spotted the opportunity. Spotting the opportunity would have required a bit of imagination or lateral thinking but surely we all need to apply a bit of that from time to time in our businesses.

It’s easy to get too close to our businesses or too bogged down in the day to day running of it to spot new opportunities. If you could use a fresh perspective or a sounding board to spot opportunities for your business give Glenda a call on 020 8991 2767 or email me at The first hour is free so what have you got to lose? Don’t miss this opportunity!

I’m off to work out how to segment my database so I don’t miss any more opportunities!


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