What sticks in your target’s mind?

I recently had a marketing call which set me thinking.

The gentleman started the call by giving me his name and the name of the business he represented, he then  made a statement: ‘You’ve downloaded a video from our website’. I didn’t remember! As I didn’t remember it made it difficult to comment on the content of the download which was the next question.

I research and download a lot of information from the web, sometimes to learn and sometimes to see what my competitors are up to. I tend to remember the things that are different, have personality or have something new to say.

Eventually I did remember downloading this video. It hadn’t taught me anything I didn’t already know so perhaps that’s why it hadn’t stuck in my mind. However once I’d got my brain into gear I realised that the real reason that I couldn’t recall downloading the video was that I hadn’t associated it with the business name. Once I was given the connection to the business owner, whose name I could recall because he’d shared some personal information at some time in the past, then I remembered.

So my point is what are you doing to promote recall of important information? What is it people most easily remember about your business? Is it your business name or your own name? When you follow up a lead do you give people enough information to promote recall?

If you would like some help to work out how to connect with your target customers contact me at the Training Pack by calling Glenda on 020 8991 2767 or emailing glenda.shawley@thetrainingpack.co.uk

At the Training Pack we work with owners of small and start up businesses to help them define their target customers and then to connect with their targets in a way which leads to sales and ongoing relationships. Contact us now if you would like to know more.


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