Why more people need to understand the Jelly Effect.

I’ve been taking advantage of some time off to give my office a long overdue spring clean and sort out. At the same time I’ve been clearing out my Inbox by listening to some of the free downloads favoured by gurus keen to upsell me on to a high ticket event. There’s some good stuff available but there is one common, oft repeated mistake: it is boring! So boring!

A device favoured by many is to interview the speakers at the event and get them to share some hints and tips to create credibility for the event. The conversation often starts with an overlong mutual admiration conversation about how wonderful the interviewer and interviewee are and how much their lives have been transformed by meeting each other. Eventually they get around to some potentially interesting discussion but it is usually delivered in a monotonous tone of voice and contains loads of acronyms and jargon. Some of these conversations go on for an hour! I wonder how many people listen to their own recordings before sending them out.

One of the things I learned early in my training career is that people can’t concentrate for much more than 20 minutes at a time without some participative activity. I have usually switched off half way through these conversations particularly when I can’t hear the relevance to me. As a marketer I know that long copy almost invariably outsells short copy by miles and presumably that’s why these people go on, and on, and on, and on… You get the picture!

Perhaps some people are more patient than I am. Perhaps some have more time than I do. However, my take is this: if I am bored by the free download then I suspect I will be bored at the event so I’m unlikely to take the risk with my hard earned cash let alone my very precious time.

Andy Bounds has written a great book, ‘The Jelly Effect’  subtitled ‘How to make your communication stick’. He talks about the way many people communicate being like ‘filling a bucket with jelly, flinging it at the audience and hoping some of it will stick’. That’s what so many of these downloads are like. It’s also true of many paid for audio courses. I think Andy’s book should be compulsory reading for anyone in the training presenting and communicating businesses. It’s an easy and very relevant read. No I’m not on a commission although I wish I was!


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