Clever marketing!

How did this happen?

This picture immediately caught my attention when I was reading the Evening Standard recently. How on earth did this happen? All became clear as I read the article; this is an example of effective guerilla marketing. Read what it says on the ‘police sign’:

You can't help but read this!

It looks for all the world like a genuine police request for information until you get to the bottom third of the sign, it’s only then that you realise that this is a spoof. Clever! By this time you’ve stopped and read the information. What’s more it was original enough to generate a 10ins by 5ins article in the Evening Standard. How much would that have cost? I wonder how many people took a photo on their mobile ‘phones.

Every day we are bombarded by marketing information, images, data, news etc. it is really difficult to be heard above the general hubbub. This is clever because it is different, relevant and amusing. What’s more, the call to action is clear and simple: visit the website. The only slight difficulty might be remembering to include ‘the’ in the web address. I wonder how many people typed in ‘War of the Worlds’ and got the film’s website instead of the stage show.

You don’t have to be a big business to be original in marketing but it is important to be creative. Brainstorming can help. Feeding off other people’s ideas can be a great catalyst. However just having the idea isn’t enough, you have to make it happen. Ensure your call to action is clear and relevant and then make sure that what you do is in the right place to attract the attention of your target audience. Check that what you’re planning is legal and safe and then tell the press what you are up to.

I’m off now to put think of some creative marketing ideas, I hope you are too.


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