Taking my own advice!

I’ll own up to the occasional ‘do as I say not as I do’ pieces of advice. Crazy! I give good advice so why don’t I practice what I preach? Sometimes life gets in the way and there are just not enough hours in the day but it can be because nobody, other than myself, is holding me accountable for my actions. The result is that I’ll often dance to somebody else’s tune rather than my own.

I achieve much more when I share my deadlines and goals with other people or when someone else is depending on me. I also achieve more when I am really committed to my goals.

For years I have been illustrating the setting of SMART objectives with a personal weight loss target. Every year the target was bigger and bigger. It wasn’t until I looked at this year’s holiday photos that I decided that enough was enough and really committed myself to my goal. I decided to join a diet group and now, eleven weeks later, I have lost 17lbs and am still losing.

For once I am following my own advice. I have a clear target which is broken down into weekly goals. I have a plan to achieve those goals and I have a coach and a support group to hold me to account.

I want to succeed for myself but I have recognised that one of my great motivators is helping other people. The diet group is a new venture for my coach and I want to be one of her success stories so that I can help her to build her business. I think that has driven me to be one of the ‘biggest losers’ in the group.

I’ve decided that 2011 will be the year in which I act on more of my own advice and am looking forward to achieving more of my goals as a result. Now who will I share my goals with?


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