An advertising mistake from M&S?

Is this the right place for Marks and Spencer to be advertising Kidswear? I think not. In fact I don’t think it’s the right place for M&S to advertise anything. Why not?

Is this the right place for an M&S kidswear advertisement?

When we advertise we need to reach our target audience in a way which is consistent with our brand. This site is tongue in cheek humour and not exactly politically correct. There are several specific references to the male anatomy which most parents wouldn’t be comfortable with their children reading. M&S is one of Britain’s favourite stores, famous for its family values. This site is incongruent with those values.

May be the demographic of site visitors is consistent with the one M&S wants to reach but I doubt it. Perhaps the company was offered a good deal for advertising on the site but that doesn’t make it right either. A deal isn’t a good deal just because it is cheap. Advertising needs to reach the right target customer with the right message and the two things need to be congruent with the brand. For me this advertisement in this place is not consistent with what Marks & Spencer is.

What do you think? Should M&S advertise on a site like this? Hit the comment button to share your views.

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