A lesson in sales via Andy Murray

Did you see Andy Murray’s victory at Queen’s Club on Monday? If you did you will have seen how hard Andy had to battle to defeat the talented and ‘on song’ Jo Wilfried Tsonga.

After a dazzling display of tennis to defeat Andy Roddick on Saturday most Brits thought Murray would walk the final. However he struggled to find his game in the first set which he lost. He then had to battle to win the second set on a tie break before finally emerging as the winner in three sets.

Yesterday’s Evening Standard explained why Andy might have struggled to find form, his burglar alarm  had gone off in the middle of Sunday night and he’d been unable to get back to sleep. Many of us would have used that as an excuse and thrown in the towel when faced with a determined opponent.

Andy’s resolute battling made a striking contrast with an article I was reading which said 90% of sales people give up before 80% of sales have been made! Most sales come after at least four rejections! The salesperson who continues to battle to five or more contacts will often succeed. Are you giving up too soon?

Andy Murray

Image by Carine06 via Flickr

Andy didn’t give up. He changed tactics. He fought for every ball. He chased everything. He kept his head up when he lost a point or a game.

How can you change tactics when faced with rejection? Do you deal with the objection or give up? Would a bit more research into your prospect reveal another opportunity? Are you trying to sell too soon, would a social invitation lead to a relationship which would allow you to sell later? Would some information about a success you’ve had with another customer establish your credibility?

If at first you don’t succeed, pick yourself up and try again. If you think some sales training would help drop me an email for details of our courses and one to one help.

And talking of trying again, good luck to Andy Murray for Wimbledon 2011, I for one will be in your corner!

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