Seizing opportunities

Piers Morgan filming Britain's Got Talent.

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If you’ve been watching the coverage of ‘Hackergate’ on TV you may have seen MP Louise Mensch apparently misquote Piers Morgan’s 2005 book “The Insider: The Private Diaries of a Scandalous Decade,” about his time as News  of the World editor.

Almost instantly Morgan was defending himself on Twitter and posting links to his book on Amazon.  A few minutes later he was promoting his appearance with Ms. Mensch on a CNN programme later in the evening. Whatever you think of Mr. Morgan you have to admire his ability to make the most of his opportunities. Could you do the same?

Today was a high profile news day and there were lots of opportunities for businesses to promote their products and services. Dry cleaning companies could have offered Rupert Murdoch tips on cleaning his jacket of shaving foam. Media coaching companies could have been sharing tips for dealing with tricky interviews. Recruitment companies could have given advice on pre-employment checks. Hairdressers might even have offered Ms. Mensch an appointment to have her roots done!

Current affairs present us with opportunities to promote our products and services but so do local events, seasonal fairs, the weather, other business’ promotions, our own experiences and observations too. How often do you seize the opportunities available to you? I suspect you could do more. So over the next few weeks why not look out for opportunities to promote your products or services on the back of news items or other events?

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