Creating space for new growth.

Not much room for growth here.

Watching Gardeners World last week Monty Don was advocating the need to split and thin old plants to make space for new growth. We need to do the same in business. Just as old plants cease to flower as prolifically so do old products and services cease to generate as many sales or as much profit.

August is a great time of the year for a bit of judicious pruning. Many of us will be taking a holiday so creating a bit of distance between ourselves and our businesses, that should create some mental space. Even without a holiday August tends to be a quieter time of year for all but businesses in the travel and tourism sector so can be a good time for a clear out.

I’m certainly not suggesting you spend your entire holiday thinking about your business but here are a few ideas for things you could do to make space for new growth in your business:

  • Before you go clear the clutter from your workspace. If you haven’t time to go through everything deal with the priority items and stuff the rest in a box. If you haven’t needed to refer to the box within two months of your return destroy the contents, you didn’t need them.
  • Take a notebook and a camera on holiday with you. Make notes of ideas you have and take photographs for inspiration. Don’t spend time thinking them through now (you are on holiday remember!) but capturing them will mean you can develop your ideas later.
  • Book an extra few days ‘off’ at the end of your holiday. That’s the time for developing your new ideas and pruning dead wood before you get sucked back in to everyday routines and pressures. Most of us don’t hit the ground running after a holiday but new ideas should fire your motivation to get going.

Just as thinning plants in the garden creates space for growth I have always found that a major de-clutter is quickly followed by new opportunities. Here’s to your successful Autumn and if you are having a holiday may it be a good one with lots of relaxation and inspiration.

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