Listening, a lost skill?

Everyday we are bombarded with sound. My kids can barely leave the house without listening to their i-pods. I wake each day to the BBC’s Today programme. I shut out the noise of tube trains, cars and planes because they are so constant where I live in West London. As I type this the house is remarkably quiet so I can hear the gentle whir of the computer fan and the quiet tick of the clock on the mantlepiece, sounds I would probably not be conscious of if I wasn’t writing a piece on listening.

Most of us are very bad at listening. We need to be better. Listening effectively to our customers will allow us to meet their needs better; listening consciously to our staff is likely to lead to a more motivated workforce; listening to our families will build better relationships.

I can’t put it better than Julian Treasure in this TED talk, so I won’t try. Why not watch it and take the action that Julian recommends? I’d love to hear how your business and life in general benefits.

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