Become memorable

Recently my 15 year old son was robbed of his mobile ‘phone. The police needed him to describe his three attackers. What struck me about his descriptions was that most of what he remembered had to do with the clothes they were wearing. In other words he remembered the packaging. That got me thinking about how we are remembered in business.

Go to most networking events and the majority of people will be wearing dark suits, even the women. There is nothing that makes individuals stand out. If you had to describe the people you had met at the last networking event you went to could you do it?

Personal and business branding working together?

Clearly being remembered for what we wear is very superficial but it beats not being remembered at all. A favourite colleague of mine, now retired, always wore purple when networking. Guess what her corporate identity colours were? You may have noticed that I’m usually dressed in teal or turquoise to match my business colours. People remember.

The same principle applies to your products, marketing materials, websites etc. if they look like everyone else’s they won’t be remembered. How can you make sure they stand out from the crowd?

I’d love to hear what you do to make people remember you. Either post a comment here or send me an email. I’ll share any great examples in a future post.

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