Get organised for 2012? Show me how.

I’ve just received an email from a major supplier; nothing new there then! This one had an enticing headline ‘Get organised for 2012′. So far so good. The headline was likely to generate a good open rate as plenty of us will have determined to be more organised this year and will be looking for miracle cures to help us achieve our goals.

The email offered a number of click through boxes each offering a different type of deal so I clicked on a few. These took me to the company’s catalogue. In some cases there was a price written in red but the regular price was not shown. I’m left wondering if there is any deal to be had or whether the offers are non-existent. What a mistake!

If this email was meant to tempt me into spending money, which it surely was, it failed. I was intrigued to know what products would help me get organised for 2012; my question was unanswered.  I would have liked to know what products were discounted by 50%, I didn’t want to plough my way through a whole catalogue.

If we apply the marketeers’ mantra of AIDA here, the email attracted my attention and interest but failed to deliver on desire or action. It did not speak to me beyond the headline. How different it would have been if there had been a short letter highlighting some of the products which would help me to be organised with a few buy now special deals that I just wouldn’t want to miss. Each of those products and deals could have been backed up with a click to page to give me the information to convert my interest into desire and action.

One of the actions I’m taking to allow me to gain control in 2012 is to reduce the number of emails I get. I am looking at every new email and asking how it adds value to my business or my life, if it doesn’t I am unsubscribing. This is one company who will be losing me as a subscriber. With one email it has gone from having my attention and interest to losing the opportunity to market me forever.

So next time you send an email marketing message make sure you have a headline that will encourage your target audience to open it and then deliver what they are looking for.

  • Make it easy for them.
  • Speak their language.
  • Sell the personalised benefits.
  • Make the comparisons.
  • Give them a deadline.

If you would like some help putting your message together drop me an email to

Good luck with getting organised and winning more business in 2012.

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