How to confuse a brand!

Every Christmas I buy a box or two of Matchmakers chocolates as a treat. If you’re not familiar with them Matchmakers are long, narrow strips of dark chocolate with various flavourings, my favourites are mint and orange. I’ve always considered them to be quite a sophisticated option for serving after a dinner party and to adults so I was somewhat crestfallen when I went to buy my Matchmakers this year.

Gone was the fairly tasteful, understated box. This was what I got instead:

Brand confusion

So we have three brands promoted, Nestle, Quality Street and Matchmakers. Nestle I get, it is the company which makes Matchmakers but why Quality Street? Quality Street is a brand of wrapped chocolates in different shapes and colours; many have flavoured centres. In my view Quality Street is an alternative to Heroes and Celebrations. So why Quality Street and Matchmakers?

According to Wikipedia (and I can’t find any information on the Nestle website) Matchmakers were made a part of the Quality Street brand in 2008 in order to appeal to 15-35 year olds. I must be very odd! Quality Street is a brand I associate with my grandparents and my kids, who fall into the target age bracket, have never asked for Quality Street. I assume that a company as large and sophisticated as Nestle will have done its homework but do young people really buy Quality Street and will they then buy Matchmakers because of the link? Where is the synergy in the brands?

I bought the Matchmakers and duly served them to my guests on New Year’s Eve. I only served them because our guests are great friends and we know each other very well. We were all agreed that the packaging was awful and none of us could see the point of confusing the brand with Quality Street. We also thought that the packaging took the brand down market and would alienate its regular customers.

What do you think? Do you know if the link between Quality Street and Matchmakers has worked for either brand? I’d love to hear your take on this topic, please click the comment button.


2 thoughts on “How to confuse a brand!

  1. I’ve never heard of these brands (not a great fan of chocolate here), so if you hadn’t explained what ‘this’ was right at the first paragraph, I wouldn’t have a clue of what was in the box!

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