A lesson from Cath Kidston

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Cath Kidston, founder of the shops in her name. What a lovely and impressive lady. Cath shared some of her business experiences with members of Hounslow Chamber of Commerce and their guests. One particular lesson really resonated with me and that was what she called the ‘F Word’; no it’s not the word you might be thinking!

The ‘F’ that Cath was talking about was ‘Founder’ and the lesson was that the Founder needs to make sure that they get out of the way of the business’ development. That is so true and so difficult.

For the owners of many small businesses the business is their baby, they feed it, nurture it, deal with its tantrums, celebrate its successes but they don’t always know when to let it go. Many of us setting up in business have to do everything ourselves because we can’t afford to pay for help. But we are not great at everything and that can have a detrimental effect on the business. I know that for me, and many of my clients, the lack of time to do everything is also a challenge and can have a negative impact on our businesses.

Cath Kidston brought in people to help her. Perhaps most significantly she brought in a Managing Director to run the business leaving her free to concentrate on design. She played to her strengths and her passion and her business has soared to new heights.

What is your strength and your passion? Are you playing to those or are you spending too much time on things that someone else could do better? Are you holding back your business’ development by holding on to too much? What could you let go of to create the space for your business to fly?

There are lots of other self employed people out there who might be able to take some of the pressure and help you to get more done. Why not experiment with delegating some tasks that you find boring or unrewarding or time consuming? Maybe you could use an virtual assistant for some of your admin tasks, a book keeper to keep on top of your finances, a copywriter to write your newsletters. If you can’t afford to pay for help why not trade services or time with someone who can help, I’m exchanging some business planning/marketing help with my diet coach. If you can’t trade work skills what about offering childcare? If you need help with business planning and can’t afford a coach or business adviser why not pair up with another small business owner to support and challenge each other?

I’m off to recruit a cleaner as my first step to creating some space and order in my life. Let me know how you get on delegating some your tasks.

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3 thoughts on “A lesson from Cath Kidston

  1. I am hoping to work myself out of my business so that I am free to dream up new opportunities and the big picture. So far I have delegated the design of the logo – which I was very happy about the result of. I have enjoyed creating the website and blog, and am now helping another business build their website. Maybe I will be able to get them to help me with something I’m not very good at down the line. I love the thinking, and the way you write. Thanks.

    • Thanks Kathy, good luck with creating the business that can run without you. One of the things I have learned in running my business is that it is really helpful to have your end goal in mind from the beginning. I wish someone had told me that when I set up!

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