Clever marketing or a big mistake from Harvey Nichols?

This latest marketing from upmarket retailer Harvey Nichols is causing quite a stir!

Will this advertisement win business?

The caption reads, ‘Try to contain your excitement.’ Given that the first thing any marketing has to do is to gain attention this is quite clever but will it gain the right attention?

This is how Harvey Nichols describe themselves on their website, ‘Harvey Nichols is the leading international luxury fashion destination, a one-stop-shop for the world’s most exclusive brands. With our flagship store in Knightsbridge, London and ….. we offer the best in luxury fashion, fragrance and food.’ So is this advertising consistent with the brand? I think not. It hardly conjures thoughts of luxury fragrance, quite the reverse!

I wonder what kind of woman would find this advert appealing. I’m not convinced that it will be the kind of well heeled, often middle aged, woman who frequents Harvey Nichols. Will it pull in new customers? I’m very doubtful. The advert tells us nothing about why the sale would be so exciting that we couldn’t contain our excitement and there are no clues on the website either.

This advertisement has certainly got people talking so it will have reached a wide audience. There have been a number of press articles and much discussion on Twitter. However, whilst some commentators feel that that is great marketing, the majority view seems to be that this advert is tacky and off brand. What do you think?


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One thought on “Clever marketing or a big mistake from Harvey Nichols?

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