Just do it!

Are you guilty of putting things off? Are you scared to take the leap? I think most of us can answer yes to those questions at some point in our lives.

A few weeks ago Suzi joined a business start up group that I run. She joined in a week when the emphasis was on action planning and when asked for her actions she described a long list of training and development that she ‘had to do before …’ Suzi felt that she didn’t have all the skills necessary to run her business but when I looked at the list the skills she lacked were skills she could easily outsource. I challenged her to start and to acquire the skills as she needed them. Yesterday Suzi exhibited her business at a Business to Business exhibition I organised. Here’s her exhibit:

Celebrate in Style.

I think she’s ready, don’t you?

Most of us can think of a whole host of reasons why we have to put things off,

  • I don’t have the money, skill or time
  • the time isn’t right
  • it’s the wrong weather
  • the website isn’t ready,
  • the kids aren’t old enough

We can all live on ‘Tomorrow I’ll’, but I have news for you, tomorrow never comes! Perfection doesn’t exist. You will never have all the skills and knowledge you need. You could always use some more money. The kids will never be the right age. I could go on. I challenge you to take the leap.

Get outside your comfort zone and have a go. The feedback you get will make you and your business stronger. You will learn by doing. Beg or borrow the money or start with what you can afford. Just do it, tomorrow will be too late.

I promised Suzi that I would hold her hand as she took the leap. If you could use a helping hand to start your business or to take your business to the next level, get in touch.

What are you putting off? What have you learned from stepping outside your comfort zone? Please share your concerns and experiences by commenting here. It’s nice to know we are not alone.

Glenda Shawley has spent the last 20 years helping people to start and grow small businesses. Her advice is practical and cost effective. Her talks and courses invariably get great feedback and her marketing initiatives yield results. If you want some support to take the next big leap get in touch. Why not email glenda.shawley@thetrainingpack.co.uk to see how?


2 thoughts on “Just do it!

  1. I am so proud of Suzi. I had the opportunity to work with Suzi at the Grenada Board of Tourism some years ago and I always admired your motiviation and desire to push herself for the top. She always strived for excellence. Well done Suzi!!

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