Making the most of an opportunity.

Newspaper colour

There are some people who  still rely on their daily newspapers(Photo credit: NS Newsflash)

My elderly father’s daily paper is really important to him so he has been bereft since his local newsagent went out of business recently. None of the other local shops offered a delivery service so when a flier dropped through his letterbox offering a newspaper delivery service he was thrilled.

The flier came from a newsagent in a village about three miles away. Full marks to them for spotting an opportunity and being quick with the action to capitalise on it. There was just one problem, they hadn’t explained how people taking advantage of the service would make payments. When my father rang to ask the question he was the second to do so and he had made the call within twenty minutes of the flier arriving. How many more calls did the newsagent have to deal with?

The silly thing was that the newsagent was well prepared with the answers. How much time could he have saved himself if he had explained them on the flier? How many potential customers might he have lost? There is a lesson here for us all.

How can we help our prospect make a decision?

Whenever we send out marketing communications we need to anticipate the questions our prospects will have and answer them. We should think about the internal conversation our audience is having and help them to develop that conversation towards a positive outcome. This means anticipating the objections they might be raising and countering them.

In our example we can see that prospects were concerned about how they would pay (it is a rural area and the two villages are not connected by public transport). Payment methods could have been explained on the flier (it was A4 with only one side used) or prospects could be directed to a website for answers to ‘frequently asked questions’. I suspect in this case another question might be about time of delivery; important if you want your paper before leaving for work. Customers might also be concerned about security if papers were left sticking out of the letterbox.

Anticipate and deal with queries

So what internal dialogue do your customers have when they read your marketing communications? How can you answer their queries and help them to make a decision to buy from you. Here are some ideas:

  • include some frequently asked questions together with their answers
  • deal with common objections in your copy
  • upload a YouTube video and direct prospects to that (remember people buy from people they like and video is a great way to demonstrate what kind of a person you are)
  • use testimonials ideally with the person’s name and/or photo

Do you have any good or bad examples that you could share? I’d love to hear them.


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