Are you wasting an opportunity?

Today’s post is prompted by a newsletter received from one of the business organisations I belong to. There were a couple of advertising articles that caught my eye, one was for a social media group and one for a training event. I clicked on the links, they didn’t answer my questions.

What does your prospect want to know?

I clicked on the training event hoping to find out more about the trainer, I couldn’t even find her name or her company details. I’m not going to buy training from someone who has not established their credibility with me. The session was on successful blog writing, I wanted to know that the trainer knew more than I did. I would have expected a link to her blog so I could check her out. No such luck so I will not be attending the training. A missed opportunity.

Lesson: When we send out any kind of marketing we need to anticipate our prospect’s questions and answer them.

Join up the pieces

I clicked on the link for the social media group to find a message ‘Website under maintenance please check back in a day and a half’. No, by then I’ll have deleted the newsletter and forgotten all about you. Another missed opportunity.

website is down

If your website is down make sure that you direct visitors to your social media pages.(Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Lesson: Make sure that the left hand knows what the right hand is doing, that all parts of your business are working together. This publicity should not have contained a link to this website; if the website was out of service send the link to a Facebook page, a blog or other social media. Encourage visitors to connect and then you can tell them when the website is up and running again.

Don’t make the same mistakes

Here are some quick tips to ensure you don’t make the same mistakes:

  • make sure you know exactly when any publicity will go out and ensure that all systems referred to will be working
  • if you have to do essential maintenance at the last minute make sure the holding page gives somewhere else for people to go such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In etc.
  • when you have publicity going out make sure everyone in the organisation knows what is going out and how it affects them. Make sure the entire team knows how to deal with enquiries
  • think what your prospect will want to know e.g. what, where, when, why, who, how
  • ask someone to check what you’ve written to make sure you’ve thought of everything
  • embargo the release date if you are sending something well ahead of time and will not be ready for early enquiries

Have you been frustrated by a lack of vital information in something you were interested in? Have you been caught out leaving your prospect with too many questions to be able to make a decision. 


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