A great piece of marketing from my Swipe File.

Following on from my last post I want to share an example from my Swipe File and explain what’s so good about it.

Swipe1This flier applies the fundamental principles behind constructing effective marketing materials; principles which many small, and some large, businesses fail to apply. So let’s work our way through what makes this such a good marketing example.

  1. The photograph is immediately eye catching; we can almost smell the bread! This fits with the theme of the copy which is about fresh ideas. So the marketer’s first requirement to gain Attention has been met.
  2. The headline is very specific and needs based: if you want to sell more this is for you. The headline allows the target audience to recognise that this flier might be of Interest so the marketer’s second requirement is achieved.
  3. The opening paragraph links with the photograph and is being used to generate more interest. It reads: ‘Mmmmmm. The smell of freshly baked bread is one idea that supermarkets use to increase instore bakery sales.’ This is consistent with the image, the fresh ideas theme and the sales topic.
  4. ‘It’s low cost and it works.’ If you are skim reading the advertisement this sentence will jump out and make sense. Again the sentence is on theme.
  5. The next paragraph addresses the fourth requirement of good marketing, the need to create Desire. This paragraph is directly addressed to the target audience in a chatty style, ‘So, how do 100 free or low cost marketing ideas sound?’ To the small business owner these probably sound really good so you will read on.
  6. The next paragraph builds on the desire by explaining exactly what the target audience has to gain from attending, ‘in fact you will discover…’ 
  7. So now we’re ready to buy we can read the when, where and how much for the next event. Note how we’re not given the crucial information until we are almost ready to buy. The final sentence in this paragraph says ‘A limited number of places are still available at the time of going to print’  thereby introducing a little of the scarcity factor to encourage anyone interested to take action without delay.
  8. And just in case we are wavering we get the Guarantee. The risk factor has been removed with a money back guarantee.
  9. There is a very clear call to Action. No messing! We know exactly what we need to do and if we were convinced by the headline we can see at a glance, without any need to read the whole flier, what action we need to take.
  10. Now we get to find out who is delivering this programme. Unlike many small businesses this expert marketing company knows that the last thing we are interested in is the name of the company that is doing the selling. Most small businesses make the mistake of putting their name first. It doesn’t matter. Your business name is not what a prospect is interested in. They want to know if you can solve their problem at a price they can afford. They are only interested in who you are when you have proved that you have a potential solution to meet their needs.
  11. Finally, just in case you need a little more convincing there are two independent testimonials that complete the marketer’s checklist i.e. the need to Convince. Note the testimonials contain the person’s name and company so that they appear much more genuine.
  12. This is an A4 flier which, if I recall correctly, was distributed with a small business publication some years ago. Loose inserts generally get a better response than on page advertising. It is much harder to miss an insert than an advert which may be lost on a page which we skip because we can see it is full of adverts.

So there you have it. 12 reasons why this example from my Swipe File inspires me and provides a model template with which to compare my own copy.


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