Recommended resources:The Barefoot Executive

From time to time I like to share with you a resource which I have found useful. Today my recommendation is a book: The Barefoot Executive: The Ultimate Guide for Being Your Own Boss and Achieving Financial Freedom by Carrie Wilkerson.

Glenda with Carrie in London

Glenda with Carrie in London

Carrie is a Texan business woman who has set up and run several highly successful businesses since adopting two children caused her to take a fresh look at her career. I have attended a couple of events Carrie has run in London and she is great. She’s a really bubbly character who delivers sound advice with good humour and lots of practical guidance so I was not surprised that the book is a good read. In fact I could hear Carrie’s voice as I read.

The book is useful whether you are starting out in business or taking another look at the business you already have. Carrie’s style is chatty and informal and although primarily written for an American market the advice is applicable on a global basis (you might have to work out what fifth grade is or translate some baseball terms but these are not too distracting).

This is not some dry text book but a practical easy read to stimulate your thinking. It is packed with examples from Carrie’s experience but also well supported with case studies from other small business owners. I particularly liked the links to online videos which allow Carrie to develop her points and inspire her readers to take action.

The book is divided into five parts:

  • The Myth Breakers
  • The Three Big Mistakes
  • The Methods
  • The Models
  • The Marketplace

The idea is that you dip in and out of those parts which are most relevant to you. I read it cover to cover in the first instance but am now working my way through the parts, chapters and videos that are most relevant.

If you want some fresh inspiration for your business this could be a useful addition to your reading list.


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