What is your marketing material saying?

From my Swipe file

This certainly got my attention!

This poster stopped me in my tracks! In one way that makes it good marketing. The first thing any marketing collateral has to do is gain attention. This got mine! But is it good marketing?

The purpose of any marketing material is to persuade us to buy, isn’t it? Some might say it is to create brand awareness. I think this poster fails on both counts.

My mind boggled when I read the headline. I didn’t know if it was referring to what I put on the toilet or in it! In either case it didn’t attract me. I may be overweight but I don’t want to think of myself as a heavy load and as for thinking about what goes into the loo, well I’d rather not think too hard.

If the purpose of the poster is to create brand awareness why is the manufacturer’s name displayed so insignificantly at the top of the poster? This poster was on display with the said sanitary ware in a shop window, most people would only glance on passing, they would miss the company’s name.

I’m left wondering what the purpose of this poster is. It could have been so clever but it fails to follow through beyond gaining attention. Is your marketing material guilty of the same mistake? Here’s a quick checklist to ensure your material will be effective:

  • will your target audience recognise that you are speaking to them?
  • will they stop long enough to read your message?
  • will they understand what you are saying?
  • will they be persuaded to buy or at least to take some follow up action such as visiting your website or calling you?
  • will they know what action you want them to take and do you make it easy for them to take it e.g. visit www.thetrainingpack.co.uk 

What do you think? Would this poster attract you? Do you know what it means? I’d love to hear your views. Why not post a comment here?


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