What’s holding you back?

Why is it that some people seem to achieve against all the odds whilst others never quite make it? I think it comes down to attitude and belief.

I run an Enterprise Club mainly for people who are currently unemployed and considering starting a business. It is interesting to observe the different attitudes of people attending. Some come with the attitude that their current circumstances are an unacceptable blip and they will do whatever is required to change them. They come often, listen to ideas and take action. Some come in blaming the Government, society, families, partners and the world at large for the circumstances they find themselves in and are looking for handouts to change their lives for the better. When I tell them there are no handouts only information and support many don’t come back. For many prolonged unemployment has dented their self confidence and my role is to encourage them to recognise their skills and to believe that they can change things for the better.

I believe that our world is what we make it. We have to play the cards we have been dealt or we have to go and search for a new pack. We can’t expect other people to make the changes for us.

‘You can if you think you can’

My favourite mantra is ‘You can if you think you can’. Saying it is easy, believing it can be more of a challenge. That’s where the NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) technique of visioning can be helpful. The technique involves creating a multi dimensional image of the future when you have achieved your goal. You need to put yourself at the centre of this image.

  • What can you see? What does your environment look like? Are you in swanky offices with your name in lights above the door or standing outside the African school that it was your dream to build? Who is with you?
  • What can you hear? Are people cheering you or clapping? What kind of conversations are you having with people? Who is saying ‘well done’.
  • What can you smell? We talk about the ‘sweet smell of success’ but what does success smell like to you? Is it a glass of champagne? Is it the sea lapping on a Caribbean beach? Is it the smell of food cooking in your now established restaurant?
  • Can you add taste and touch to your sensory vision? Perhaps you can taste the champagne. Perhaps you are holding the key to the door or an award for your success.

When you have a vision your destination is clear and when you know where you are heading you can plan and follow your route.

If you could use some inspiration take a look at this video. If you want to know how powerful a vision can be take a look at this video. If you are making excuses for your lack of success take a look at this video. I defy you to make the same excuses when you have watched it!

So what is holding you back? How are you going to overcome those barriers? You can do whatever you dream you just have to take the action to make it happen. Why not make a start now by sharing your dream in the comments here? When you share your dream you are one step nearer to making it happen.

So in the spirit of sharing: my dream is to open a centre for learning where owners of small businesses and others can take a break from their regular routines to gain new knowledge and skills and be inspired to develop their businesses and themselves.


2 thoughts on “What’s holding you back?

  1. My dream is to make a success of my event planning business so that it will not only sustain me into retirement and beyond but also sustain my family for as long as they are willing to keep it going …..

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