Are you an entrepreneur?

As a driver I am dismayed by the number of people who are totally oblivious to me when I’m on the road, often these people are wearing headphones and are in a world of their own. They haven’t a clue that they are in imminent danger nor are they aware of all the opportunities that they are surrounded by. I suspect that these people are not entrepreneurs!

What makes entrepreneurs different?

Entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for new opportunities. They are watching what their competitors are doing. They learn from developments in other business sectors. They spot potential in new technologies. They pick up on ideas from overheard conversations. They do not spend their time oblivious to the world around them.

Entrepreneurs don’t whinge or at least not for long. Instead entrepreneurs look for a solution to the problem, one which will make them money. Most mothers, faced with problems getting their baby to sleep in a pram would just moan or stay home, Cara Sayer invented SnoozeShade which sells across the world. James Dyson didn’t whinge about inefficient vacuum cleaners or hand driers he invented better ones.

English: Apple iPad Event

Not everyone was quick to see the potential. English: Apple iPad Event (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Remember when Steve Jobs launched the iPad? Journalists were quick to say that Apple had got it wrong this time. We can laugh now but whilst the journalists were rubbishing the idea entrepreneurs were spotting the potential for making money. Look at all the things you can now do with your iPad because entrepreneurs were quick to spot its potential.

Change your habits

So the next time you find yourself moaning about a problem, stop! Ask yourself,

  • ‘what is the solution?’,
  • ‘is this a problem enough other people would pay good money to solve?’
  • ‘can I find a solution?;’

Keep a notebook to record ideas from overheard conversations or from observations made when you are out and about (or record them on your iPad!). The next time you read about some new technology or other new invention ask yourself ‘is there an opportunity here?’.

Now I wonder if I can find a way to save lives and make money from all those oblivious pedestrians who dice with death whilst they listen to music. Maybe some sensor detectors in the headphones that interrupt your listening with ‘she’s behind you’! What do you think? Would it work?


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