The Power of TV.

Amazon sales record

Record sales on the back of a TV programme

This week the BBC broadcast a programme called ‘The Secret Lives of Cats’. The programme makers worked with a couple of academic teams to track the behaviour of a number of cats in one Surrey village. The cats were fitted with a purpose made tracking device which used GPS technology to report the cat’s movements. The programme went out on a national channel at 9.00p.m. on Thursday and within 24 hours the tracking device had become Amazon’s fastest selling pet product ever! This just goes to show the power of T.V. in influencing buyer behaviour.

I should explain, for the benefit of readers outside the UK, that the BBC is a state funded broadcaster which does not carry product advertising. This programme traced the development of the tracking device and demonstrated how it worked but it gave no sales or marketing information. Clearly buyers were sufficiently intrigued by seeing the way the product worked to track down the purchase information for themselves. Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could all get our products and services featured on prime time TV?

Make the most of an opportunity

This afternoon Sir Richard Branson appeared on the BBC in a charity tennis match. This being England the match was delayed by rain and the programme was left with time to fill which it did with a series of interviews with the celebrities taking part. Sir Richard, never one to miss an opportunity, used his interview to get in a plug for a service that his Virgin Active Health Clubs are running. Would you be quite so bold if you had a similar opportunity?

No I know that you and I are not Sir Richard and opportunities to appear on TV are rare but they are not impossible. I’ve been featured on BBC London. Last week one of my clients was featured on ITV’s This Morning programme. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t get your chance in the future.

So how can you harness the power of TV?

  1. Look for opportunities to be featured. Follow broadcast journalists on Twitter, they often put out requests for interviewees. Respond quickly making it clear how you can help.
  2. Be more pro-active and actively approach programme makers whose output is relevant to your business. Follow production companies who will sometimes talk about programmes they have in the pipeline. Get in quick with an offer of help. Position yourself as an expert.
  3. Create a newsworthy story by doing something extraordinary. This might be an innovative product launch, an unusual charity event or going the extra mile to solve a problem. Consider hiring a PR company to help you get the story out but if you can’t do that send out a press release to named journalists across all relevant media. Target your journalists for maximum effect.
  4. When you are featured do what you can to get your business name across. Wear a shirt embroidered with your logo, have your name on a screen in the background, make sure the journalist has the correct spelling of your name and that of your business. (Watch how Charlie Mullins got Pimlico Plumbers’ name across on Peter Jones Meets… last week.)
  5. Being featured on TV is a newsworthy story, make sure that you tell the world. Send a news release to the local media,  post the information on social media and your website, put it in a customer and prospect newsletter.
  6. Being featured on TV or radio helps to position you as a leading authority in your line of business so make the most of the opportunity.

Have you been featured on TV or radio or in the national press? We’d love to hear your story. Why not share it here using the comment button,.


2 thoughts on “The Power of TV.

  1. Glenda, thanks to your assistance we received some wonderful publicity about our 21st Birthday Celebrations at Lisa’s Restaurant, in November, 2012. It helped to keep Lisa’s in the forefront, and created other news stories. It was invaluable marketing, thanks to the generosity of the Ealing Gazette. Lisa

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