People don’t buy negativity.

 “I’m just a soul whose intentions are good
Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood”

English: An early publicity shot of Eric Burdo...

English: An early publicity shot of Eric Burdon and the Animals taken at Newcastle Castle Keep probably in early 1964. L-R Eric Burdon (Vocals) Alan Price (Keyboards) Chas Chandler (Bass) Hliton Valentine (Guitar) John Steel (Drums) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve got this old Animal’s number buzzing around my head following a conversation on Twitter. One of the people I follow had come in for a lot of criticism about the way she planned to fund a new jazz festival. The criticism was entirely negative and without any constructive suggestions for an alternative model. I think negative criticism says as much about the giver as it does about the ‘victim’.

Think Twice

It’s all too easy to take a swipe at someone we disagree or to have a go at someone we think is out to benefit from our efforts, but what impression does that give others of you?

I’m sure most of us have done things in the wrong way but for the right reasons, I know I have. So before you launch a tirade of criticism stop and think:

  • Could you have misunderstood the intentions behind the message you have received?
  • Could you express your criticism in a constructive way which will create a dialogue rather than a defensive reaction?
  • What do you hope to achieve by your criticism?
  • What will people think about you?

What will Google say?

Our online footprint stays with us for a long time. If I search your name in Google what will I find? If all I find are your moans and groans about other people and other things I’m not going to respond positively to any marketing entreaties you make to me. I’m not going to recommend you to others.

However if what I see is a balanced view with constructive criticisms supported by alternative ideas I’m much more likely to recognise what you have to offer. I’m much more likely to engage you in conversation and out of that comes the potential for a mutually beneficial relationship.

So before you post that waspish comment, think what it will say about you, is that what you want to be known for?

Have you ever misunderstood someone’s best intentions? Have your criticisms sometimes been less that constructive? What impact did that have? Why not share your experiences here so we can all learn from each other?


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