Andy Murray teaches business owners a lesson.

Andy Murray, Wimbledon Champion 2013. At last some might say, not least Andy Murray himself. Victory was the just reward for years of work, sacrifice and disappointment. So what can we, as owners of small businesses, learn from Andy Murray?

  1. Understand your goal. Andy Murray knew he wanted to be Wimbledon Champion, he pictured himself on Centre Court lifting the trophy with the sound of the crowd’s cheers ringing in his ears. His goal felt achievable. Do you have such a vivid image of your goal? Do you have a clear picture in your mind?

    Andy achieves his goal.

    Andy achieves his goal.

  2. Do whatever it takes. Andy Murray left home to train in Spain in his mid teens, he knew that the training he would get in Spain would help him to achieve his goal and he was prepared to sacrifice a normal teenage life to make it happen. What will you sacrifice to achieve your goal?
  3. Focus. For years Andy Murray has been utterly dedicated to achieving his goal. He worked out what he needed to do to achieve success and then focused on doing it. From the scrawny teenager who lost matches due to insufficient stamina to go the whole distance he has become one of the fittest players on the circuit. That wasn’t achieved with the wave of a magic wand but with drive, determination and a very clear focus on what needed to be done. Are you focused on the right things to achieve your goal? Have you worked out what steps you need to take to realise your dreams?
  4. Believe. When Andy Murray took the opening three points on the Djokovic serve one could sense that he believed that he could beat the man. Olympic Gold and the US Open victory must have helped him to believe that he could become Wimbledon Champion. We all need to believe that we can achieve our dreams. Do you believe that success is within your grasp? How do you deal with the negative voice in your head that is questioning that belief?
  5. Persevere. As Andy showed us after last year’s defeat and six other attempts at the Wimbledon Championship ‘if at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again’. Too many of us give up at the first, second or third hurdle. Andy Murray lifted the Wimbledon trophy on his eight attempt. Success comes to those who stick with it, most of us give up too soon. Are you guilty? What are you about to give up on that would be worth one more attempt?

Many congratulations to Andy Murray on an amazing victory and thank you for inspiring a nation to believe that even the impossible is possible with dedication, belief and sheer hard work.

This article just touches on some of the lessons business owners can learn from elite athletes, there are many more in my free e-book ‘Going for Gold’ which you can download here. Why not download the book today and then let me know what action you are going to take to ‘Go for Gold’ in your business?


2 thoughts on “Andy Murray teaches business owners a lesson.

  1. Hardwork, determination, family backing and being surrounded by the right people are key to success in whatever field. Never give up, and always keep the gaol in sight – Andy Murray definitely did that, and many young people continue to do the same in every day life.

    • Absolutely Lisa. Andy Murray was very brave to leave the security of home to pursue his dreams in Spain and his parents were very courageous in letting him go. There’s a really big lesson in there for those of us who are parents to make sure we support our children without stifling their ambitions. Sometimes we have to let them fail so they emerge stronger and more resilient. We also have to recognise when we are not the right people to help them on their journey and then make it easy for them to work with the people who can help or take the next big leap. I remember my Mum telling me that if I hadn’t left home by the time I was 23 I would be awarded the ‘Order of the Boot’! It made it easy to leave on starting my career aged 19, it didn’t mean her face didn’t fall every time I left after a visit home. Sadly the cost of living now makes it a bit harder to kick our children out so soon but we do need to encourage them to make their own way in the world. I’m trying very hard to practice what I preach right now! 🙂

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