Borrow an idea from Tesco (every little helps).

I’m dipping into my swipe file again today to share a great idea from Tesco.

Spotted in the London underground.

Spotted in the London underground.

I think this is an inspired campaign and one we can all learn from. So let’s consider what makes it so good.

  1. The image grabs attention which is the first challenge for any marketing communication. What makes this image particularly clever is that it conveys the impression of a Tesco delivery van but using the iconic style of a London underground map.
  2. The headline describes the problem and the solution. This is something we should all try to do but it isn’t easy. This advert is aimed at busy commuters so making time for shopping is a problem most will recognise. We drop off is the solution many will be willing to pay for.
  3. The destinations on the ‘map’ are a mixture of features and benefits designed to prompt readers to think how they could use the service. So features: vegetarian, nibbles, wine etc. and benefits: dinner made easy, time to unwind, keeping healthy are all intended to stimulate our desire.
  4. There’s a clear call to action: ‘Stop off at‘. Given how many commuters travel with tablets and smartphones, and with increasing internet access on the underground, prospects can take the action on their way to or from work and make the most of their travelling time. And in case you don’t realise this there’s a comment at the bottom of the poster ‘now available on your mobile’
  5. Follow through on that link and you arrive at a specially constructed landing page on Tesco’s online ordering system. The page uses the structure of a busy commuters day whilst giving access to the rest of the Tesco online ordering system.
  6. In case we should be in any doubt that this is for us the ad finishes with the strap line ‘making busy lives easier’. This clearly defines the target audience in a benefit laden statement.

So if we apply the marketers mnemonic AIDA:

  • Attention and Interest: From the image and headline
  • Desire: From the destinations on the map, and the strapline
  • Action: Visit the website (using your mobile phone)

So there you have it, a very effective advert which demonstrates how to deliver an effective targeted campaign. Tesco is not interested in all the tourists on the tube, they are not going to buy on a regular basis, it therefore doesn’t matter whether or not they understand the advert.

(For those readers outside the UK, Tesco is the biggest supermarket chain in the UK, As well as town centre, neighbourhood and out of town stores it offers an online ordering and delivery service across most parts of the country.)


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