How to make the most of your holiday to develop your business, part 2

They say travel broadens the mind. Time away from the coalface will give you a new perspective on your business and possibly on your life. A holiday gives you time to think, to read and to reflect. So here are a few more tips on using your holiday to give your business a bit of a boost.

Holidays can give us a fresh perspective on life and business.

Holidays can give us a fresh perspective on life and business.

Read a book or three

Holidays give us more chance for reading than any other time of year. I’m not suggesting reading heavy tomes or text books but business books can be entertaining. Read that biography you were thinking about, so

me of Richard Branson’s books are inspirational, I enjoyed Golden Apples by Bill Cullen (Ireland’s Alan Sugar) and am currently fascinated by Steve Harrison’s introduction to Howard Gossage. Read a classic like Stephen Covey’s ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ or Robert Kiyosaki’s ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’.

Take a look on Amazon’s website for some inspiration. You might even find some free books for your I-Pad or Kindle. I’m currently ploughing my way through Napoleon Hill’s classic ‘Think & Grow Rich’ which is widely available at no cost.

The beauty about reading on holiday is that we have time to process what we are reading. We can take our time to reflect and learn.

Take time to think

Research by the University of California, San Diego says that the average American consumes 100,500 words in an average day! No wonder that information overload is said to make our thinking shallow. Holidays are a time to get away from information overload and give us space to think in more depth. They allow ideas the space to play around in our minds and to take form and shape.

There’s not a lot you can do on a flight, or sitting in traffic jams, on train journeys etc but we can use the time to think or to read (unless you are the driver). A lazy day on the beach can clear clutter from our thought processes. Use that notebook I talked about in my last post to capture your good ideas and then get on with chillaxing.

And finally…

You never know who you are going to meet on holiday so just in case you meet potential customers, joint venture partners or investors make sure you have some business cards with you. Then get on with have a relaxing time, you’ll return with recharged batteries ready to build your business with renewed vigour. Have a great time.


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