Discovering our values.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about values (see below if you haven’t read it yet) and committed myself to sharing The Training Pack’s values today. I’m not sure that I’d really appreciated the scale of the challenge I’d set myself but after much thought and navel gazing I’m ready to share. I would love your feedback.

Developing ideasValues mind map

The Training Pack is my business so its values are going to be quite personal to me. I therefore started by thinking about the things that matter to me in business. I also looked at the feedback from a couple of personality and behavioural profiling tools that I have used. That gave me quite a long list of possible values. There were too many so I grouped them together to try to get to a point where I could narrow them down. Here’s what I started with:

  • Learning: we believe that learning should be an inspiring and lifelong activity
  • Current: we strive to keep up to date with latest innovations and thinking
  • Receptive: we are open to feedback and new ideas
  • Inspiring: we want to inspire people to be the best they can be
  • Stimulating: we challenge people to think and act differently
  • Supportive: we support and encourage our clients and each other to grow our comfort zones
  • Challenging: we challenge ourselves and our clients not to take the easy option
  • Encouraging: we use supportive words and actions to encourage our team and our clients
  • Evolving: our business grows by building on the past and by moving with the times
  • Socially motivated: we contribute to our community
  • Creative problem solving: we look for innovative and cost effective solutions tailored to individual circumstances
  • Caring: people matter whoever they are
  • Fair: we will be fair in the way we treat customers, suppliers and our team
  • Compassion: we show compassion to those in challenging circumstances
  • Helpful: we go beyond expectations to help others to succeed

The final six

Clearly 15 is too many. My aim was to get down to five or six key statements to describe what really matters to me and my business. I therefore started the editing process, eliminating some ideas and combining others until I got to the final six. Here they are:

  • People first: the success and well-being of our clients, team and associates is our primary goal
  • Learning: should be an inspiring and lifelong activity and is something we practice as well as deliver
  • Stimulating: we challenge people, including ourselves, to think differently and to try out new things
  • Supportive: we support and encourage our clients and each other to grow
  • Creative problem solving: we seek innovative and cost effective solutions tailored to individual circumstances
  • Giving: we are generous with our time, skills and resources to the benefit of our community

What do you think? I’d love to hear your views. Are these statements understandable? Do they describe things that matter to you as a small business owner? Could you spare a minute to vote in our poll? 

I know this blog is read by many people who know me, some clients others family, friends or associates. Knowing me is there anything I have missed or anything which you don’t believe is true?

My blog is also read by people who don’t know me and who live in places as diverse as the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, the Philippines, India, Vietnam, France, Germany, Bangladesh and more. Your views are all valuable so please feel free to comment here or just vote in our poll. Thank you.


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