Why blog?

If you read my last post about my business values you will have seen this one:

  • Stimulating: we challenge people, including ourselves, to think differently and to try out new things

So today I’m living one of my values and taking on a new challenge. I’m joining Natalie Sisson, The Suitcase Entrepreneur’s 30 Day Blog Challenge and my first task is to write a post about why I blog. I hope the post might prompt you to think whether blogging should be a part of your marketing plan.

Why did I start blogging?

I started blogging in early 2009. I wanted to raise my online profile and as a business and marketing consultant I need to demonstrate my expertise. A blog is one way that I can meet both those objectives. As a result a search for Glenda Shawley on Google yields around 16,600 results, and they are almost all me! This helps establish my credibility with potential clients.

This is me!

This is me!

When I started my posts were rather random. I wrote as and when I had something to say and could find time. At the start of this year I determined to be more disciplined and committed myself to posting twice a week on Monday and Thursday mornings. My blog is now more integrated with my marketing plan but I often change the plan based on an observation or incident so that my blog remains current.

My target audience

I write for owners of small and micro businesses and for those thinking of starting up. Running a business can be lonely and it can be difficult to find time to think about our businesses. My aim is to inspire my readers to take a fresh look at their businesses,to think about things they would usually pass by, to try out new things and to find new ideas for building their businesses.

Far more women than men read my posts. I need to research whether this is typical or whether there is more I can do to persuade male business owners to engage with me.

The benefits of blogging

Writing a regular blog makes me view the world with my eyes wide open. I’m constantly snapping photos of things I can write about. I watch TV with an eye to a business lesson. I read books and other people’s articles with a view to sharing. I research new developments in business and marketing and am constantly learning.

I enjoy getting feedback from my readers who comment via the blog, via Twitter, Facebook and Linked In and in person. Sometimes that feedback offers a different perspective and some insights that get me thinking and may lead to another post.

Why have I joined this challenge?

Natalie has set up this challenge to promote the launch of her new book. She has built her business and travelling lifestyle partly on the back of her blog which has several thousand of followers. By joining her challenge I’m hoping to reach out to a new audience and to challenge myself to take a fresh look at my business as I celebrate its 21st birthday. Will you join me?

30 day challenge


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