A Perfect Day

Today I’m responding to Natalie Sisson’s 5th Challenge in which she asks us to spend 30 minutes thinking about our perfect day and then to blog about it in the present tense. This writing a vivid description in the present tense about something we would like to have is a neuro linguistic programming (NLP) technique which has been found to help in achieving goals. If you haven’t tried it before I would encourage you to give it a go, it does work. Hopefully the following will inspire you to try it for something you would like to achieve.

My Perfect Day

A perfect day in Switzerland in 2012.

A perfect day in Switzerland in 2012.

I’ve had a great night’s sleep and have woken to the sun shining on a beautiful view. The weather is warm and I’m ready for my pre-breakfast swim. The water is a bit fresh as I get in but once I start on my lengths I don’t notice. I’ve added a couple more lengths to yesterday’s score and leave the pool invigorated and ready to shower, dress and ‘put my face’ on. Now for a breakfast of local cooked meats and tomatoes and a delicious coffee. Next a trip to the local market to buy fresh produce for lunch, today it’s a picnic with the family.

As usual I’ve had to wait for the kids to get up but they’re ready for the off when the picnic is ready. We’re taking a train through gorgeous scenery to explore a town some miles away. There’s a market, some interesting buildings and some specialist shops to attract all the family. We find a spot by the river for our picnic and a leisurely bit of sunbathing with a good book. We’re then off for a river cruise to see the town from a different angle before we take our train home.

Time for another swim and an hour to spend sewing my current patchwork project before we head out to a local restaurant for dinner. We sit outside on a lovely balmy evening watching the world go by as we sip on our aperitif’s, a local version of Kir. Dinner is beautifully cooked, tasty, healthy local ingredients; my diet coach would approve! She might not be quite so enthusiastic about the delicious wine which accompanies the meal.

After a stroll around town we make our way home and I have time to a bit more on the patchwork project before retiring to bed with a good book. What a perfect day!

Fitting work into my perfect day

Picking up ideas for different ways to trade whilst travelling. This one is from a pub in Prague.

Picking up ideas for different ways to trade whilst travelling. This one is from a pub in Prague.

I love working so, much as I enjoy a holiday, I need to incorporate work into my perfect day on a regular basis. So my perfect working day starts a little earlier so that I can still get my swim before breakfast. After breakfast I’ll spend my ‘Power Hour’  working on my latest development project, today I’m working on a residential course for business owners who want to grow their business. I’m incorporating some visits to local successful businesses so after my desk hour I’m off to go and talk to some business owners.

I have already made appointments with some of the businesses I might use so am going to see if the owners are as good at communication as they are at business and that they are free when I need them. I’m having lunch at a local restaurant where I hope to take course participants for dinner.

Whilst I’m out I’ll pick up some fresh local ingredients for a BBQ dinner which my husband and son will cook later. When I get home I’m ready for another swim before writing up my notes from today’s meetings before I forget what I’ve agreed. Then I plan what I’m going to do with my Power Hour tomorrow morning. Work done it’s out with the latest patchwork project whilst the boys cook dinner. My chilled glass of wine tastes particularly good in the warm evening sunshine. What a great and productive day!

30 day challenge

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