A plan of campaign

Today Natalie has challenged us to identify three actions to take in the next 30 days to move us towards our dream lifestyle. So here goes:

Develop a 21 day challenge to celebrate my business’ 21st birthday

My business will be 21 years old on the 1st September and I have been looking to find a way to celebrate. I’ve decided to set customers and prospects an income generation challenge. Participants will choose their own target amount and I will be encouraging them to generate the income by doing something different.

To fit around the holiday season in the UK (and our own holiday) I’ll be launching the challenge on September 21st when the schools are back and working Mums will have had time to catch up. September 21st is the day of Hounslow Enterprise Club’s New Business Showcase so there’ll be quite a few people in my target market there for a physical launch.

I’ll be asking participants to devote their Power Hour (or less if that’s all they can manage) to a different task each day. By the end of 21 days they will have a fully developed plan for making money through an additional product or service or in a new way.

This challenge will be suitable for established businesses and new start ups so fits well with my target market. I hope to get participants from my existing clients as well as new prospects. Some people may choose to use the challenge as a way of making money for a good cause.

Develop a digital course

This will be the first in a new suite of products designed to move me towards greater freedom from selling my time in exchange for money. I’ve stuck a toe in the water before but haven’t been as focussed or disciplined as I needed to be to make it work.

I will be undertaking the 21 day birthday challenge alongside my clients in order to get this done.

Write a new e-book to celebrate my business’ 21st birthday

My current e-book is available to download free at www.thetrainingpack.co.uk

My current e-book is available to download free at www.thetrainingpack.co.uk


We’re in the process of re-developing The Training Pack’s website so I would like to develop a new, free download based on the lessons I have learned in 21 years in business.

I plan to achieve this project in collaboration with my daughter who has the InDesign skills I lack. Pippa has spent the last year editing Bristol University’s student newspaper, Epigram, so has the writing and editing skills to help bring this project to fruition.

If I am to achieve greater freedom in my business I need to learn to delegate more so this will be a good exercise for me. Pippa will have something else to include on her CV and in her publications portfolio so this project will be a win-win.

Time for focus

I’m not good at focus. I never have been. However I do find the Power Hour which I’ve written about before a really useful tool for getting things done. There are also some useful hints in one Natalie Sisson’s  case studies on her blog today so I’ll be trying some of those out in the coming days.

Yesterday’s exercise on building a vision of my perfect day was really useful and has made me think about introducing changes to the way I spend my time. I’m going to be more disciplined about getting up early to work on the things that really matter and that means I need to be more disciplined about going to bed on time.

30 day challenge


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