Which social media platforms?

Our challenge on day 2 of Natalie Sisson’s 10 day social media challenge is to describe our target audience and then choose the right social media platforms to engage with that audience.

I work with people who are starting or wanting to grow a small, independent business. The majority of my clients are women and 30+ but I also work with men and younger women. My clients are currently in the UK but I’m keen to build relationships with English speaking business owners in other parts of the world.

Which tools to use?

Facebook: My clients are on Facebook so this is one of my priorities. I have a personal Facebook page where I engage with friends, family, local businesses, former students in all parts of the world and some of my targets. I also have a business page at www.facebook.com/TheTrainingPack where I post action tips, photographs, events and a link to my blog posts. I’m working on greater consistency and measuring what works best. Building engagement on my fan page is slow and I plan to devote more time and attention to correcting this.

TwitterThis is my favourite tool and my targets are on here too. I’ve been quite successful at building a following here but progress has slowed because Twitter have capped my ability to follow more people now I’ve reached the 2000 limit. This is where I’ll be working strategically at joining conversations with the aim of gaining more followers so I can then follow more people back and build a community. I find the cap imposed by Twitter very frustrating and it has reduced my participation somewhat in recent months.

Linked In: I am a fairly regular contributor to a number of groups on Linked In but, whilst this helps build my web presence and establish my expertise, it is not actually helping me to reach my target audience. In many ways my conversations on Linked In are with my competitors rather than my target audience so I’m going to spend less time on here and use the time saved to work on my You Tube and Facebook strategies.

You Tube: I have a You Tube channel with a very few videos but this is a really untapped platform for me. I have hours of training material which I could make into videos which could populate my channel and which I could then share across the other platforms so this has to be my priority in the coming months. Given than my son wants to go into film I think we need to collaborate on some creative ideas for developing my You Tube presence. Watch this space! But here is one I made earlier to promote an Enterprise Club I run 

I have a Pinterest account which I dabble in occasionally but that is more for fun than business. Some of my target audience are on here so I’ll make an effort to share relevant content that I post on You Tube and Facebook on here but this is not a priority platform for me at this stage.

I hear that Google+ has some great features but I haven’t done anything more than sign up for an account at this stage and given that my target audience isn’t really here yet I’ll out this on the ‘to do’ list for 2014.

So there you have it, my answer to Day 2 of the challenge. Now for Day 3!



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