Using Linked In for business

Continuing with Natalie Sisson’s Social Media challenge today’s platform is Linked In. Our question specifically is ‘How are you using LinkedIn to establish your credibility, build your professional rolodex and attract new clients, partnerships or business?’

Whilst I have had a Linked In profile for a number of years I’ll own up to not being as diligent in making the most of the platform as I should be. My profile is up to date and I have a number of testimonials but I haven’t done anything about updating these for some time so that needs to go on the ‘to do list’. I am a regular contributor to discussions in Linked In groups and, as a result, today have had an invitation to be included in a prestigious article. This is what I have been aiming for. Posting on Linked In groups is a key aspect of my building credibility strategy.

I post my blog to Linked In and sometimes get comments on the articles posted in Linked In rather than WordPress however Linked In doesn’t provide nearly as much traffic as Twitter and Facebook.

Today’s post has galvanised me into attacking my company page. I made the mistake of making the page about my Business Dinner Club rather than my core business. I’ve been putting off sorting out the problem as I thought I needed to deal with Linked In’s customer service however I’ve corrected the problem myself today. My page is still a work in progress but I will get it sorted in the next day or two and will then start promoting it to my tribe.

I’ve also spent half an hour this evening inviting more people to connect with me. It’s so easy to think we are connected with our friends and associates when we’re not. I need to make a bit more effort to manage my connections more effectively. I have recently been offered work via a former colleague who re-connected with me via Linked In. I need to do more to rekindle relationships with other former colleagues.

I tend to use face to face networking to build working partnerships so am not tapping in to the potential of Linked In, may be that’s something else for the ‘to do list’. So although Linked In isn’t one of my ‘top three’ I will be making a bit more effort to update my footprint here.



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