Using Twitter for business

So today’s challenge from Natalie Sisson is to describe how I am using Twitter  to build my brand, engage with my community and find new customers.

If you’ve been reading my posts you will already have realised that Twitter is my favourite social media. I love the immediacy and engagement that Twitter allows together with the opportunity to connect with high profile figures who are usually out of reach.

@Glenda_S Twitter profile

@Glenda_S Twitter profile

I have one Twitter account which I use personally and for business. I figure that as a one woman band my own personality is fundamental to my brand so I might as well keep things simple with just one account. I therefore Tweet about business and things that interest me including news items and TV programmes etc. I do steer clear of politics though as I think it can be too easy to put people who have different views off. That doesn’t mean that I don’t share strong opinions on other topics!

Twitter has been the biggest source of traffic to my blog although Facebook is catching up fast. I post links to my blog, to my newsletter and to articles I think might interest my tribe. I use Twitter to promote my events and those that will interest my followers and to follow up with people I meet networking. These days I would rather build a relationship on Twitter than have my inbox cluttered with newsletters which may not be of direct interest.

I like to monitor what my competitors are up to on Twitter and also find the medium a good source of research on trends and interests.

I’m one of those people who tweets at an event when invited to do so. I think sharing learning, positive vibes and recommendations can be a great way to build relationships with people. I use lists to track people by interests but this is an area I could use more effectively. I particularly like the idea of a ‘Notice-me-list’ and also like Naomi’s idea of only connecting with people who fit a list but that one will take some time and energy to sort out.

I find Twitter is great for connecting with the media and have had coverage in my local paper by responding to a request posted on Twitter. I also retweet journalists’ requests for help with stories and, if I know someone who might be able to help, I @mention them in forwarding the message.

I try to build relationships with ‘strangers’ by congratulating them when they post achievements, sympathising in times of trouble and sharing knowledge when appropriate. I have found Tweetups to be a great way to meet fellow tweeters in the flesh and find that I meet people who are not on the regular local networking circuit. If you haven’t been to a Tweetup I highly recommend them.

I’ll own up to being somewhat frustrated with Twitter capping my ability to follow new people because I’m following 2000 but only have 1730 followers. I used to use Twitcleaner to manage my account and am very sad that it no longer exists. I have stuck a toe in the water with ManageFlitter although my initial impression is that it is not as sophisticated as Twitcleaner was.

I’m a big fan of Hootsuite for managing my activities and particularly for scheduling posts across social media in advance. I find this especially useful when I am going on holiday when I can keep up a pretence of being around when I’m actually somewhere else entirely!

I have generated business via Twitter but need to be a bit more disciplined in using hashtags and searches to seek out business opportunities. I’m about to launch a 21 day challenge to celebrate my business’ 21st birthday and have already signed up one participant via Twitter and hope to encourage many more. I hope you’ll join me.



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