Using You Tube for business

We’ve reached Day 7 of Natalie Sisson’s 10 Day Social Media Challenge and today’s topic is You Tube. Specifically our question is, How are you using YouTube to create powerful videos and gain more subscribers, fans and new business?

Mmm! Perhaps the word I should be focussing on is ‘powerful’. I’ve been on You Tube since 2008 but haven’t really been making the most of it. I have half a dozen videos on there for public consumption and more for a select audience of customers. I’m not exactly getting a lot of traffic and I know that much of that is my fault for not working at it.

I’ve now added some Channel Art and, I hope, a trailer though I’m not sure if I’ve got this right. This week is going to be really busy so I’ve added working on my channel to next week’s ‘to do list’.

I have dabbled with the free version of Animoto before to make an invitation to my husband’s birthday party. I’ve just made another one to invite people to join my 21st birthday challenge which launches on the 21st. Here it is:

I have loads of material I could turn into videos and, after this week, some space in my diary so I’m going to prioritise developing and promoting my You Tube channel because it has to be one of the best ways to establish my expertise and credibility.

Thanks to Natalie and a bit of time spent on You Tube I can now see some of the cool tools that are now available to enhance my videos, so watch this space, I’m about to have some fun! I may even let my film mad son have a play too.



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