Using Pinterest for business.

We’ve reached Day 8 of Natalie Sisson’s 10 Day Social Media Challenge and our question for today’s post is, ‘How can you use Pinterest to create a compelling visual brand story that people love and drive new leads and sales?’

I’ll own up that, although I have a Pinterest account, I rarely visit it and when I do it tends to be for personal reasons. I have always felt that Pinterest is a great tool for businesses that sell visually so food, craft, holidays etc. I have found it harder to see how it fits with my training and consultancy business. However Natalie has introduced us to a number of tools that could help. I’ve already had a bit of a play with PicMonkey and I’ll be doing more when I’ve got this big week of events out of the way.

I have been trying to develop some visual Action Tips for my Facebook page so I should upload these to Pinterest too. I can also see how I could use some of my marketing and training materials visually. I could also share some work done for clients, with their permission.

I had forgotten that Pinterest has introduced Business pages so I’ve just set one up and made my first pins. As you can see there is more work to do but I’ve made a start! I’ve also connected Pinterest with Facebook so baby steps in the right direction.

Day 8.2Pinterest was not one of my three priority channels when I set out on this challenge and I’m not going to change that just yet but I will make an effort to post on a regular basis and to start building followers. Sharing pins from some of my clients will be a good place to start.



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