Using blogs for business

It’s the penultimate day of Natalie Sisson’s 10 Day Social Media Challenge and our topic today is blogging.

I am a blogger. I have been a blogger for longer than Natalie. However I don’t get anything like the traffic that Natalie gets so I must be doing something wrong.

My blogging to date.

I write for owners of small businesses with ideas and observations to encourage my readers to think about how to do business. When I started blogging my posts were a bit haphazard; I posted when I had something to say. I realised that wasn’t helping me to build much of a following so my New Year’s resolution this year was to post twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays. It’s now September 18th and I haven’t missed a post! (Pat’s self on back 🙂 ) What’s more, thanks to Natalie, I have written a few additional posts as part of her challenges.

Has it worked? To an extent, yes. My following is growing and there is more activity on my site. Thanks to fellow challengers the last 10 days has seen a marked increase in traffic with last Friday breaking my all time records for the number of views. Thank you.

I know my blog is read by my contacts and they give me great feedback. I know it is read across the globe, sometimes by former clients, but also sometimes by people picking it up organically.

So what do I need to improve?

I don’t think I’m what Natalie calls vanilla but my blog design could be improved. I’ve used my own photographs to personalise a WordPress theme, that isn’t enough! My website and all my social media channels need a visual injection of personality so I’m going to take a tip from Natalie and invest in a re-design.

It may be that my target readers don’t identify themselves with me. Natalie’s audience will clearly identify themselves via her description of what she’s about. I need to develop a clearer message about who the blog is for and I need to do that before I can brief for a re-design.

I need to work harder with key words and where to put them. Many of my headlines are a bit bland so they need a bit of work. Although I do share them via Twitter and Facebook I probably don’t promote often enough so I’m going to get back on to Hootsuite to get regular updates out.

However the area I need to invest most time in is getting on to other people’s blogs. I used to comment more than I do now and I have never written a guest post so I’m going to investigate some suitable targets, then make my pitch to get out of my comfort zone. Wish me luck.

If any of you have any comments on how I could improve my blog, my shoulders are broad, so please let me have the truth!



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