It’s all too easy to forget

The 10 Day Social Media Challenge is now over and I’m back to my normal publishing schedule. I hope regular readers have enjoyed my navel gazing as I undertook the challenge, it was certainly a useful exercise and has made a significant difference to the traffic on this blog and also to my Twitter following and Facebook engagement. I’ll come back to the usefulness of social media later in this post.

Are you losing business because customers have forgotten how to find you?

I have just booked a family holiday to New York. We’ve been before at the start and end of a holiday in New England so when my Travel Counsellor, Cathie O’Dea asked if we’d liked the hotels we stayed in as a starting point for booking this time I said yes. There was just one problem, I couldn’t remember the names of the hotels! We stayed in eight or nine hotels on that trip and only one of them regularly emails me but that one is on Cape Cod and, much as I’d love to go back to it, it’s not right for this trip.

It’s the same with last year’s holiday, we stayed in hotels in Prague, Vienna, Budapest, St. Anton, Engelberg and Paris. The only one that contacts us regularly is the Hotel Post in St. Anton. This is a missed opportunity.

Hotel Post St. Anton Am Ahlberg

Research shows that we typically forget about a business in 90 days even when we’ve been happy with the service.  We might remember the experience but do we remember enough of the important detail to find you again? Often we don’t. That’s why it is so important to stay in touch and it has never been easier or less expensive.

Staying in touch

How we stay in touch will depend upon the nature of your business and your customers. If your customers are computer users then a regular, informative newsletter (sent with permission) is a great way to keep connected and make sure that customers and prospects are aware of all your services. Better still, if your customers are on social media follow them and keep the conversation going.

For example, I have recently had a couple of print orders done in a very short timescale. I thought the company deserved a recommendation so I Tweeted one and included their call handle. They shared that with their followers and followed me  back so no doubt I will hear about their special offers in the future. Good practice.

If your customers are not great computer and social media users then a print newsletter or card is a great way to keep in touch. I know this is a bit more costly but if you send something once a quarter and make it inviting rather than a hard sell it could be money well invested. At least your customers will be able to remember who you are next time they want to use your services.

If you could use some help with developing and implementing a follow up strategy with your customers please email to see how we can help.

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