Strike whilst the iron is hot!

In my last post I shared some lessons in selling picked up from the USA, today I’m sharing one from a direct marketing expert in the UK. The two have much in common. Both recognise that an existing customer is your best prospect for a further sale.

Make a new offer to a happy customer.

I recently attended a three day conference/learning event in a central London hotel; as you will imagine it wasn’t cheap. However it was three days well spent and I learned a lot and made some useful connections. I left the event buzzing with lots of notes and plans for the future. A couple of days later I received an invitation to attend next year’s event at a special, early bird price.

Now many of us might feel that we’d be pushing our luck to try to sell another high price item to someone who has just bought a big ticket product. However, this offer came from Drayton Bird who has spent 50+ years in marketing and knows more than I will ever know on the topic. Drayton knows that the best time to strike is when the iron is hot! He knows that the vast majority of attendees found the event really useful, enjoyed meeting the other delegates and loved the hotel food. He knows that we were all a little sorry that the event had come to an end. That’s the time when we’ll be most receptive to doing the whole thing again.

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Happy customers are the best source of future income. (Photo credit:

In a few months time the euphoria will have gone. We may not have got around to doing as much with the learning as we wanted. We will have forgotten how entertaining the speakers were, how valuable the lessons were and how good the food was. By that stage we will be less convinced about buying another ticket.

Offer a great deal

So take a lesson from Drayton and make a great offer to a happy customer. Here’s how:

  • make the offer whilst the customer is still feeling the afterglow of their previous purchase; whilst they can still remember how good it was.
  • offer a great deal. Think about how much time and money you can save on marketing if you have people sign up early. Getting them to pay early will improve your cashflow and may also save you money, you can pass the advantage to the customer in a money saving deal.
  • Give a no quibble money back guarantee so that people feel that they have the option to change their mind if their circumstances change.

Do you have a system to make a follow up offer to a happy customer? If not now is the time to work out how to implement one. If you would like some help book your free 30 minute no obligation consultation here, now.


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