An effective advertisement

Here’s an example of a really effective video made by a start up business. I understand that the cost to make the video was $4,500 and within two weeks of its launch on You Tube 12,000 members had joined the Dollar Shave Club. The video had five million views within three months and has now had more than twelve million views. How’s that for an effective return on investment?

What makes this a great advertisement?

So let’s look at some of the things that made this video so effective:

  • there is a very clear introduction at the beginning to the company and the concept
  • Mike differentiates the brand from its competitors and delivers the content in a very engaging style
  • He taps in to the frustrations his target market is having with the current market place and explains how Dollar Shave Club will make their lives easier
  • the pricing and method of delivery is clear
  • the video taps into an emotional connection with the reference to the way the company is creating jobs so ‘buy from us and you’ll not only solve your problem but you’ll be doing good for other people’
  • the video is light hearted and humorous without losing its professionalism
  • it is very clear what action the company wants you to take, in fact it was so clear that, within half an hour of the video’s launch the website crashed under the weight of hits!

I understand that the Dollar Shave Club is now making $14million a year, not bad for a company which is less than three years old.

So watch this video a few times and see how you could adapt the lessons in it to suit your business and if you want a sounding board for your ideas book yourself on to a free, no obligation 30 minute consultation with Glenda.


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