Would this advertisement make you shop at Sainsbury’s?

I’m still on the subject of Christmas advertising and this time I have supermarket chain Sainsbury’s in my sites. Their ad is a three and a half minute film entitled ‘Christmas in a Day’. The film features lots of video clips of families preparing for, and celebrating, Christmas, it ends with one family recording greetings for Dad who is serving with the army in Afghanistan. Here’s the film:

If you could be bothered to watch all three and a half minutes you will have seen that there is no mention of Sainsbury’s until the last few frames and there are no obvious Sainsbury’s products. The most sharp eyed amongst you may have spotted some Co-op products instead!

How do you choose your supermarket?

According to a couple of luminaries in the advertising industry the advert is all about creating an emotional connection with the brand. Well I don’t know about you but supermarkets are not something I get very emotional about, or if I do they are not usually positive emotions. I choose my supermarket on the basis of range and quality of products, ease of shopping, and, maybe, price. I don’t choose my supermarket because I think they have a heart. What about you?

This advertisement has had people in floods of tears and has had some very positive comments on You Tube but will it make people who are not already Sainsbury customers shop there? I’m doubtful. What reasons would anyone unfamiliar with the store have to go there? The advertisement certainly doesn’t give them any.

Is this a style of advertising small businesses can copy?

I think not. It’s one thing for household names to play with adverts that don’t sell but I think it is a very dangerous model for those of us running small businesses to follow. Yes we want to appeal to our prospect’s emotions but we also have to explain how we can help them. Our advertising has to be much more direct and straightforward if it is to have a chance of working.

In its favour I guess that the Sainsbury’s advert makes it clear who their target customers are, ordinary families celebrating in the traditional manner. However does it really differentiate itself from Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Waitrose or any of the others? I think not.

I’d love to hear what you think. We had mixed reactions to the John Lewis ad I wrote about last week I wonder if this will get the same sort of response.


4 thoughts on “Would this advertisement make you shop at Sainsbury’s?

  1. I’ll confess I won’t be watching it but don’t most people simply go to the closest supermarket? I have a Sainsburys 2 minutes from my front door, if it became Asda overnight, I’d still go there because it’s convenient.

  2. I watched it all, and it would not encourage me to shop at Sainsbury’s instead of another supermarket. I would like to see products where supermarket advertising is concerned. Marketing for small individual companies has to cut straight to the chase and sell the product. Let us watch with interest, and see if we an borrow any ideas! Lisa

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